Punta Cana

Paradisiac beaches, amazing food, and all-inclusive resorts experience.

Best of Punta Cana

📍 Punta Cana

Find out everything about Punta Cana. We will help you discover the best things to do, places to go and much more on our NomadSet Guide. Enjoy!

Size: 475.3 km2 (183.5 sq mi)

Average duration of a trip: 5 days

💸 Dominican Peso (DOP)

Punta Cana Interesting Facts

It wasn't always a tourist hotspot

Punta Cana was primarily jungle until the 1970s when its potential as a resort destination was discovered.

The name means "Tip of the White Cane Palms."

The area was named for the abundance of these palm trees that dot the coastline.

It boasts miles of stunning beaches

Punta Cana has over 20 miles of pristine coastline with soft white sand and calm waters.

It's a golfer's paradise

Punta Cana has several world-class golf courses, some designed by legends like Jack Nicklaus.

You can explore a natural swimming hole

Hoyo Azul, a cenote with crystal-clear turquoise waters, is a popular spot for swimming and photos.

It neighbors a 500-year-old town

Nearby Higüey offers a glimpse into authentic Dominican life and historical architecture.

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