“A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of life.”

Known as the “City of Light” or the “City of Love,” the streets of Paris overflow with culture, art, beauty, and history.

Answers on frequent questions
Where to Stay?

Take a look on our reviews and guides on Accommodation in Paris.

Where to buy best plane tickets?
What permits do I need?

You probably need a Visa if you are not originally from the United States. Check here.

How to rent a car?

There are many options for that. We explain it more on here.

Where to eat?

Paris has a lot of great restaurants. Check it out.

How is the nightlife?

It is beautiful. Discover here.

Best of Paris


Find out everything about Paris. We will help you discover the best things to do, places to go and much more on our NomadSet Guide. Enjoy!

Size: 1,279.2 sq mi

Average duration of a trip: 4-5 days

Paris Interesting Facts

The Parisian Style

The local people of Paris – Parisians are known for their sense of style... They have a reputation for being chic, with high standards of elegance, wear designer clothes, are known for the French beret hat, and good style in general. This is well-known: Paris is one of the most fashion capitals in the world.

The Architecture

It is unbelievable beautiful!


Paris has 14 bridges crossing Seine River, connecting important spots of the city.


The city was used as an inspiration for a long list of movies... The first public screening of a movie was by French brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière in December 1895. They used their invention “the cinématographe” to show 10 films of about 50 seconds each. French cinema used to be known for its auteurs. This reputation survives, but French film-makers have now introduced modern trends and up to date techniques within the French tradition.

Le Pan et le Vin

We speak French in Paris. Actually, a lot of Paris residents do speak English. They often just pretend like they don’t understand you speaking in English.

Temporarily Forever

The Eiffel Tower was supposed to be a temporary installation, intended to stand for 20 years after being built for the 1889 World Fair.

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